Doom and gloom: sector needs to be more positive about cask


Bradbury: Cask has seen 'too much doom and gloom'

By Rebecca Weller

Cask beer has been the victim of too many reports of “doom and gloom” during the past couple of years as consumers seek consistency, quality and tradition within the category, according to T&R Theakston managing director Richard Bradbury.

Different ideas: Woodforde's launches new Brewers Signature range


Woodforde's unveils new cask range

By Rebecca Weller

Woodforde’s Brewery has announced a new cask beer range, the Brewers Signature range, which features bespoke brews, each created by one their brewers.

The Morning Advertiser's Lock In Podcast episode 73

The Lock In Podcast

Perfecting the art of the serve

By Ed Bedington

Why is there a North/South divide when it comes to beer head and does Guinness really need to be poured in stages? The Lock In team tackle that and other issues around the concept of the perfect serve.

New cask products: Shepherd Neame, Hydes and St Austell release new brews


New products to cask your eye over

By Rebecca Weller

In this special new products round-up, we've looked at the new cask brews released so far this year.

The Morning Advertiser Lock In Podcast episode 59

Lock In Podcast

Getting your cask offer right

By Ed Bedington

Cask beer is a key component of the pub operation, but are we getting it right? The Lock In team takes a look at where pubs are going wrong with cask and how you can up your game on a category that is key to a good operation.

New products: this week's round-up features Bombay Sapphire, Kopparberg and Greene King


Kopparberg announces limited-edition summer cider

By Rebecca Weller

This week's round-up features new products from Kopparberg, Schweppes, Peroni, Salcombe Distilling Co, Greene King, Three Drinkers and Bombay Sapphire.

New products: this week's round-up features new serves from Hendrick's, Kraken Rum, Mermaid Distillery, Bruha and Ten Locks

New products round-up

Hendrick's announces limited-edition gin

By Rebecca Weller

This week's round-up includes a limited-release gin from Hendrick's alongside new products from Mermaid distillery, Bruha, Ten Locks and Kraken Rum.

New products: this week's round-up includes new serves from Adnams, Silent Pool and Small Beer Brewery

Adnams releases new cask stout

By Rebecca Weller

This week's new products round up features two new offerings from Adnams, a super-premium gin expression from Silent Pool and a new IPA from Small Beer Brewery alongside Amazon's first wine collection and cask strength whisky from McNair's....

New products: this week's round up features new serves from Uncle Nearest, High Point, Provence Wine, Lockdown Liquor & Co. and Hogs Back


Uncle Nearest whiskey launches in the UK

By Rebecca Weller

This week's round up features a UK launch from American whiskey brand Uncle Nearest alongside new products from Hogs Back, Provence Wine, Lockdown Liquor & Co, and High Point.

Proper craft beer: future for the cask category is


Cask category 'building back steadily'

By Rebecca Weller

The future for cask is “bright” as the category "builds back steadily" post-pandemic, but more must be done to educate people on the craft of cask, according to Wadworth Brewery managing director Toby Bartholomew.

New products round up: this week features new serves from London Essence and Freixenet Copestick alongside three new cask ales


London Essence launches new mixer

By Rebecca Weller

This weeks new products round up includes new serves from London Essence and Freixenet Copestick as well as three new cask ales from Salcombe Brewery, Bruha and Hogs back.

Why do we sell cask beer too cheaply?

Let's stop being cheap with cask

By Ed Bedington

Our consistently cheap approach to the sale of cask beer is one of the main reasons we struggle to ignite the category.

Quality is key for cask beer

Are you getting it right on cask?

By Ed Bedington

Are you selling your cask beer within the three day window? That’s the question we’re asking as part of The Cask Project.

Start date: the social media campaign launches next week (Monday 19 July), coinciding with lockdown measures in England being relaxed

Campaign launched to champion cask beer

By Nikkie Thatcher

A social media campaign has been created, coinciding with lockdown measures being relaxed in England, to help highlight the importance of cask beer.

Beer waste too bitter a pill: ‘As I engage with my own customers, I’ve learned that many have decided to leave their real ale taps off for the foreseeable future’


We need to talk about cask…

By Sarah John, director, Boss Brewing

Like so many of us in this industry, I share in the hope that is being pinned on Monday 12 April – for England at least, if not for my home country of Wales.

Mixed cask: sales are up and down

Drinks List 2020

Top-performing cask ales in UK pubs

By Nicholas Robinson

It is not possible to replicate the cask beer experience outside the pub so if you can give customers the real thing, why would they want to even try to replicate it at home?

Hopeful of growth: Jaega Wise from Wild Card Brewery forecasts a rise in IPA and craft lager sales

Drink Tank

Wise views on IPAs and craft lagers

By Emily Hawkins

The popularity of IPA and lager is not set to fade anytime soon, according to Wild Card Brewery head brewer Jaega Wise.

Crunching the numbers: an in-depth look at the best performing brands and variants in every beverage category in the on-trade

Drinks list 2020

The Drinks List: Top Brands to Stock 2020

By Nicholas Robinson

Getting to grips with data in The Morning Advertiser’s Drinks List 2019 will give operators a head start in formulating successful drinks menus.

Make a splash: will cask ale sales rise again?

A mixed bag for cask ale sales

By Nicholas Robinson

The on-trade offers the optimum place to drink cask ale, yet despite all the work that goes into it, the category is still to realise its full potential – but there is light at the end of the tunnel

Super cool: Doom Bar goes for extra chilled appeal

Sharp’s trials Doom Bar Extra Chilled

By Nicholas Robinson

Molson Coors-owned Sharp’s Brewery is trialling its iconic Doom Bar brew as an extra-chilled variant because the brewer claims more consumers prefer cooler pints.

Big variety: 234 beers were on offer from 36 breweries at this year's City of Ale festival

Let's all drink beer in: Norwich

By Nicholas Robinson

Regional brewers and the pubs that sell their beers extolled the local values of Norwich’s beers at this year’s City of Ale festival, which has now celebrated its seventh year.

Go West: Marston's MD Richard Westwood talks cask debate

Big Interview

The man behind the cask: Marston’s MD on real ale

By Nicholas Robinson

Controversy is following cask ale of late. Brewers, fans and critics have all condemned the rise of substandard pints in pubs, as well as the fact much of the trade is selling the beverage too cheaply.

Image: the first barrier the cask-beer sector has to overcome

Cask ale: a glass half full?

By Jessica Mason

Cask ale has some difficulties to overcome, but with the correct application, it can maintain its rightful place at the bar of all good pubs.

The hip in hops: Choosing the right cask ale

Money Makers

The hip in hops: Choosing the right cask ale

By Adrian Tierney-Jones

Cask ale has transcended barriers by becoming popular with people of all ages and of both genders in recent times. Adrian Tierney Jones finds out which types you should sell.


Cask Report enters a new era

By Pete Brown

With cask now taking centre-stage in any new pub worth its salt, what became a bible for the cask-ale sector is evolving, as the PMA takes news of its impact down a different track

Fast Cask: new development

Marston's unveils cask revolution

By Roger Protz

A revolutionary new method of storing cask beer in pub cellars could see real ale reaching out to a new audience of drinkers. Marston's will launch...