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Be Ready to Cocktail in 10 Seconds

Simple, yet effective way to drive sales, innovation in Draught Cocktail technology is catering to the growing demand for high-quality cocktail serves with the convenience of speed. (1)

Cocktails have continued to maintain their popularity and with 46% of consumers saying it is worth paying more for quality drinks in the on trade[1]​, 2023 is set to be no different. The cocktail category offers a wealth of opportunity for operators to not only unlock sales, but also create quality experiences for people. If operators are able to get the quality, service and choices correct, they will unlock a fantastic opportunity for sales.

Getting quality cocktails right has been a challenge for many bars over the years, with many factors playing a part, including staff training and large guest numbers. With 62% of consumers believing it is important that pubs serve cocktails[2]​, if venues don’t look at ways to incorporate a manageable approach to cocktails, venues risk not only missing out on potential revenue streams, but also risk becoming a secondary destination choice to some consumers.  

In 2020, Diageo launched the Draught Cocktail innovation that levelled the playing field and enabled venues, no matter the potential operational challenge, the opportunity to make great quality cocktails, at pace. The technology delivers high-quality serves in under 10 seconds - capable of making six cocktails in the same time it can take to make one by hand. Since the launch, research has even shown that consumers have really taken positively to them, with 84% of consumers who have purchased Draught Cocktails stating that they are likely to order them again[3]​.

It’s important that to help customers offer choice and provide quality Draught Cocktail variants that appeal to drink trends. When it comes to quality, people tend to navigate towards brands they know and trust and research has shown that the brand of spirit is important to 72% of consumers when selecting premix cocktails[4]​.

Having initially launched with Smirnoff Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail, Smirnoff Espresso Martini Cocktail and Gordon’s Pink Martini Cocktail, Diageo is growing its Draught Cocktail offering by introducing one of the nation’s favourite cocktails[5]​ to the line-up, with the new Captain Morgan Strawberry Daiquiri (10% ABV).


The UK is experiencing a rum renaissance and rum has seen the biggest increase in cocktail inclusion3. It is therefore no surprise that Diageo has introduced the Captain Morgan brand to its Draught Cocktails –  offering in order to deliver Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Gold with sweet ripe strawberries, juicy lime, and rich notes of vanilla and rum spice.

The Diageo Draught Cocktail variants feature Smirnoff, Gordon’s and Captain Morgan – three of the top five spirits in the UK – as celebrated in the Morning Advertiser Top Brands to Stock 2023​.

Outlets all around the UK are experiencing the benefits of the Diageo Draught Cocktail innovation. A spokesperson from Market Place, London, offers insight into their experience with the technology; “Draught Cocktails have been a great addition to our existing cocktail line. The quality is easily comparable to hand-made cocktails, and we feel the attractive font on the bar has helped drive sales. Staff love the speed of service, and we feel customers appreciate the consistency of taste and presentation. With ongoing staff shortage problems in the trade, they have helped us maintain a high-quality cocktail line with very little training. I’ve also been able to keep an attractive gross profit while having to stock less lines to achieve the same goal.”

Diageo’s Draught Cocktail system delivers high quality serves in under 10 seconds - capable of making six cocktails in the same time it can take to make one by hand.

  • Captain Morgan Strawberry Daiquiri – 10% ABV - Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Gold with sweet ripe strawberries, juicy lime, and rich notes of vanilla and rum spice
  • Smirnoff Passion Fruit Martini Cocktail – 12.5% ABV - Smirnoff Vodka combined with juicy passion fruit and citrusy flavours is balanced with smooth notes of vanilla and marshmallow
  • Smirnoff Espresso Martini Cocktail – 12.5% ABV - A rich and smooth coffee-flavoured cocktail with characteristic vanilla and chocolate notes, made with Smirnoff Vodka
  • Gordon’s Pink Martini Cocktail – 10% ABV - A brilliant fruity blend of juicy raspberry, tart lemon, with red berries and the sweet taste of Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin, all expertly mixed


Operators can register interest in a free Draught Cocktails installation, including a free font and glassware, through Diageo’s dedicated on-trade website Diageo One

Diageo One​ is a website built to support the on-trade in running their businesses. Offering 24/7 access, it provides exclusive training, industry insights, advice-led blogs, as well as POS materials, menu imagery and assets that they can use on their social media channels.

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