Blue Monday: the Bucket List attempted to cheer people up with its fake parking tickets (Image: Google Maps)

Pub claims 'fake parking ticket' campaign was a success

By Georgina Townshend

A pub has apologised for any offence caused after it placed fake parking tickets on cars around the site advertising 50% off its new menu but claims although it was a "headache", it was also a success.

Neurogastronomy is about more than how the food looks on the plate

Double pub food sales with neurogastronomy?

By Nicholas Robinson

Encouraging diners to use more senses than just the taste buds could boost your profits. Nicholas Robinson explains how neurogastronomy can be used to enhance every diner’s experience

Kronenbourg Eric Cantona ad ruling overturned

ASA overturns Kronenbourg ad decision

By Robyn Black

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has overturned its own ruling, which found an ad for Kronenbourg 1664 in breach of its code.

WKD advertising standards (ASA) ruling

WKD ads fall foul of ASA rules

By Robyn Black

Alcopop brand WKD has been rapped over the knuckles by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for three of its adverts.

Tribute St Austell beer Cornish pale ale rebrand

Tribute re-branded as Cornish pale ale

By Robyn Black

St Austell’s flagship Tribute brand is to be re-launched as a ‘Cornish pale ale’ to capitalise on its provenance and encourage trial by making it clear to drinkers what to expect from the beer.

Grolsch relaunch with a new look to tap into world lagers

Major marketing push for Grolsch

By Robyn Black

A bigger bottle, new fonts, glassware and a major marketing push all form part of a rebrand for Dutch lager Grolsch.

Heineken UK: New campaign for Tiger beer

Heineken UK: New campaign for Tiger beer

By Matthew Moggridge

Heineken UK is to focus on the fast-paced, Far Eastern energy of cities like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the latest outing of its Tiger Beer Hidden Depths campaign, in which consumers are invited to ‘look beyond the obvious’.

Courvoisier: de-mystifying the Cognac cocktail

Courvoisier: demystifying the Cognac cocktail

By Matthew Moggridge

Courvoisier, a leading Cognac from Maxxium UK, is collaborating with three top mixologists in the development of a major consumer cocktail event this summer.