The Omnichannel Conference 2024

Returning for 2024, The Omnichannel Conference is a forward-thinking daylong event that examines how leading foodservice and hospitality brands are evolving to engage with new and existing customers across numerous platforms – at home and on the move – and how the restaurant and retail worlds are combining like never before.

A few years ago, the word omnichannel would not have meant much to many, but whether it be a move onto the supermarket shelves, retail concessions or e-commerce, many operators are adopting an omnichannel approach to stay competitive.

Hospitality and retail businesses have had to adapt to huge changes in consumer behaviour over the past few years, and we aim to deliver an agenda​​ that engages, informs and educates those invested in the grocery retail and hospitality sectors. Expect data, case studies, working examples, theoretic and future insights to help you navigate the shifting retail and hospitality landscapes.

Event location

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