2023/24 Editorial Calendar

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Morning Advertiser Editorial Calendar 2023/24

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November 2023

1) Spirits - closed 

2) Drinks List - closed

December 2023

Low & No - closed 

January 2024

Staffing, training, recruitment and retention -  closed

February 2024

1) Food trends 1 - closed

2) Tech

Publication date Monday 19 February, external submissions must be in by Thursday 8 February

What does a pub need to run a successful pub in terms of technology? Looking at front of house and back of house, can we get both tech experts and pub operators to explain the systems used in pubs? A case study or good information would be useful to show off how a pub is using things like a good EPoS system and the advantages it offers over manual solutions; how stocktaking is easier via tech; and systems that make staff management of shifts, payment, etc. easier to track and convey to team members.

Submissions to be sent to svbanrynvartevssvguf@tznvy.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

March 2024

1) Cider

Publication date Monday 4 March, external submissions must be in by Thursday 22 February.

We want to give an overview of the market – what is going to be popular for pubs to stock as spring and summer approaches? Ideally, there could be some brands producing some data/reports that could give the spine of this feature with useful analysis or numbers to drive what is happening in pubs. Also look at successful operators of pubs that have a particularly strong focus on cider and find out how their operation works and see if they can offer tips and advice in stocking, potentially upselling and the different packaging such as boxed bags, which can be a popular way of stocking more varieties in smaller quantities.

Submissions to be sent to avtry.uhqqyrfgba@ivetvazrqvn.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

2) Soft drinks and mixers

Publication date Monday 18 March, external submissions must be in by Thursday 7 March

Pub customers don’t need to visit the pub with the sole intention of drinking alcohol – we need a pub to also offer soft drinks that are a star attraction of their own. Destination pubs will often be a strong lure for customers – perhaps for their food offer – so you need to have a suitable selection of drinks and that will include softs. Can we talk to a couple of destination pubs that have strong soft drink sales but also those that stock great mixers that can possibly be drunk alone or in a cocktail, whether that be non-alcoholic or even with alcohol? Explain how these drinks can help a pub stand out as a possible USP.

Submissions to be sent to rzznrirefunz@tznvy.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

April 2024

1) Beer report

Publication date Monday 15 April, no external submissions will be taken.

2) UEFA Men's Euros football tournament (kicks off 14 June 2024)

Publication date Monday 29 April, external submissions must be in by Wednesday 17 April. Completed copy from writer to features editor by Wednesday 24 April.

The Football Euros 2024 will take place in Germany from 14 June to 14 July and are bound to draw plenty of customers to pubs where that classic atmosphere will be created.

We talk to some of the pubs known for having a great sporting offer and find out their advice for what makes a great sports venue and how a licensee can take advantage of this opportunity.

Also we look to find what drinks suit football watching and suggest a generic drinks line-up on draught through to the back bar and fridge.

Submissions to be sent to zngg@zrzljbeqf.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

May 2024

1) Running your pub - supplier relations

Publication date Monday 13 May, external submissions must be in by Wednesday 1 May, completed writer’s copy to be submitted to MA by Wednesday 8 May.

Having good relationships with your suppliers, whether your business is focused on food, drink or events, is vital to ensuring you get the best deals and service while still being able to offer great quality in these times when money is extremely tight.

We want to hear from pubs and pub companies about how they source such goods and service their requirements, from how to make and retain bonds with suppliers but also to examine how you can motivate and get the most from your staff to ensure the operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Also, we want to look at how a site can market their speciality successfully.

This feature could, for example, include the interactions between licensees or pub companies and where they source food from, how drinks supply works whether with a tied supplier or free trade and/or how your events work through sourcing music bands through a third-party company.

Submissions to be sent to avtry.uhqqyrfgba@ivetvazrqvn.pbz​ ​and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

2) Wine 

Publication date Tuesday 28 May, external submissions must be in by Wednesday 15 May, completed writer’s copy to be submitted to MA by Wednesday 22 May.

Wine has been key to the successes of pub such as the Red Lion & Sun and the Unruly Pig so we talk to licensees with a great wine offer for what works for them and what their advice is to others.

There’s a fair chance no other pubs in your area have a top-notch wine offer so this could give you the edge over rivals with your USP.

Also we give a list of three whites, reds and rosés that are advisable to stock and explain why they are good options.

Perhaps we can get a winery to explain seasonality and when is the peak time to serve certain wines?

Submissions to be sent to zvpuryyr_creergg@lnubb.pb.hx​ ​and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

June 2024

Cider trends

Publication date Monday 17 June, external submissions must be in by Wednesday 5 June, completed writer’s copy to be submitted to MA by Wednesday 12 June.

The weather is changing and people are looking to take advantage of using pub gardens.

We talk to some pubs that are known for having a great garden in tandem with a good cider line-up.

Taking advice from these sites will give other licensees the opportunity to make the most of the sun and cider.

Of course, a popular dispense method is bag in box that allow for any pub to install a large range of ciders for summer.

Can we talk to a cider brand to get some top tips from them?

Submissions to be sent to svbanrynvartevssvguf@tznvy.pbz​ and tnel.yyblq@jeoz.pbz

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